Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Sun City Center Community Association (SCC CA) a Homeowners’ Association?

No. It is 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit Corporation


Does SCC CA have tax-exempt status Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)?



How many Homeowners’ Associations are in Sun City Center?

There are well over 100 homeowners’ associations (HOAs) in Sun City Center. Not every neighborhood is in one of these associations.


What Florida law governs the operations of the Homeowners’ Associations?

Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes.


What can you do about the potholes on my street?

Street maintenance is Hillsborough County’s responsibility. You can contact them at, where you can complete a form to report the issue.


Is King’s Point part of the Sun City Center Community Association?

No. King’s Point is a separate entity with its own organization and governing documents.


Are the Emergency Squad and the Security Patrol part of the Sun City Center Community Association?

No. They are independent 501(c)(3) organizations that depend heavily on volunteers from Sun City Center.


How can I sign up for emails from the Community Association?

For directions on how to sign up for the CA email blasts – “What’s New with the CA” – Click Here


How can I learn about volunteer opportunities?

Check out our Volunteer page on this website.


What are the rules about using golf carts?

Download the Golf Cart Driver’s Handbook. Golf cart rules are also in the front of the Sun City Center Directory. Copies of the rules are also available at the CA office.


Where can I go for general information?

Visit the Information Center on North Pebble Beach Boulevard, where volunteers will gladly help you.


What can I do about neglected or unkempt properties?

Report them to our County liaison for resolution or directly to the County Code Enforcement Department.


How can I reach a Community Association board member?

Visit the Association page on this website, or check the front of the Sun City Center Directory.