Committee Members

Standing, Special and Other Committees have been established to assist the Community Association Board.  They are made up of a Chairman or Co Chairman and Committee Members.  The list of Chairman and Members are listed below for all the various areas.

2023 SCCCA Chairperson & Committee Members


Budget Committee –
Jeff Williams, Chair
Susan Grosskopf
Debra Riley
Sheila Northern
Al Baker

Consumer Affairs Committee –
Tom Arthur

Elections Committee – 
Erma Faron, Chair
Dorothy Anderson, Vice Chair
Robert Anderson
Rachel Bancroft
Nancy Barnes
Floyd Curvin
Brenda Curvin
Donald Faron
Cricket Fraser
Priscilla Gruber
Kathleen Records
Kyle Rollins
Betty Rollins
Jack Schneider
Don Sellers
Patty Sellers
Linda Torchia
Dolores Whitfield
Carol Zeller
Bill Zeller

Governmental Affairs Committee –
Percilla Gruber
Vern Hendricks
Guy Mathews

Internal Audit Committee –
Jim Collins, Chair
Rose Meyers
Tony Rickert
Becky Barnett
Steve Drobnis
James Clark
June Fiorelli


Beautification Committee – 
Virginia Bratt, Chair
Jeff Moore
Ernie Zeigler
James Clark
Linda Kolling
Cindi Malin
Christine Rogers
June Fiorelli
Christine Morrison

Bingo Committee –
Karen Marmom, Chair
Joe Spano
Ron Nelson
Sharon Silverglade
Marilyn Bell
Don Hammon
Jan Spitz
Tineke Lockwood
Ann Rodrigues
Sue Schultz
Norma Noyes
Sandy Fuentes
Vivian Smith
Jean Brown
Elsa Petursson
Edie Hazelton
Linda Lewis
Gerry Ready
Marianne Palmer
Brenda Sinkviener
Jeanne Ratliff
Pat Moore
Mary Burns
Shirley Chabon

Communications – Website Committees –
Geri Roberts, Chair
Amy Southmayd
Pam Blake
Debbie Caneen
Paul Darden
Renee Bray
Becky Barnett
Julie Porto

Council of Area Presidents (CO-AP) Committee –
Janet Hoffman

Fitness Center Committee –
George McGuire, Chair

Hardship Panel Committee –
Roger Zieg
Ron Matelski

Hi Neighbor Committee – 
Carrie Blaylock, Chair

History Society Committee – 
Susan Muise, Chair
John Bowker
Rusty Seiden
Bob Lochte
Dianne Baker
Janice Chace
Ilona Merritt
Dick Babbits
Dee Babbits
Dee Kelly
David Lemley
Sherry Kalczynski
Ellie Anderson

Hospitality & Info Center Committee – 
Janet Ditmore, Chair

Long Range Planning Committee – 
MaryAnn Rowe
Julie Porto
Sallie Terrell
Gary Marston
Len Sheptock
Tom Arthur
Nancy McCall

Grant Committee – (Subcommittee of the Long Range Planning Committee)

Nancy McCall, Chair
Debbie Caneen
Dale Shook
Leo Hanifin
Madlyn Blom

Search Committee – 
Jim Collins, Chair


Campus Decorating Committee – 
Renee Bray, Chair
Merrill King
Anne Weins
Valesca Lopez
Christine Lansing
Carol Barton
Linda Schneider

Golf Cart Parade Committee –
Carrie Blaylock, Chair

Fun Fest Committee – 
Lyn Reitz
Dave Birkett
Elysa Hendricks
Claudia Hinson
Joanne Baskinger
Bob Smith
Tim Broad
Rick Sochon
Tiffany Rivers
Carrie Blaylock
Mary Taylor
Michael Chute
Phillip Bennett

Monday Movies Committee – 
Linda Clapp, Chair

TV in Atrium Committee – 
Bill Hodges
Phyllis Hodges