Major Facilities

No matter what activity you want to pursue, chances are Sun City Center has a first-class place to do it. There’s a state-of-the-art fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, a top-notch softball facility and many well-equipped rooms for a variety of arts and crafts. We have 10 tennis courts, six pickleball courts, three immaculate lawn bowl greens, shaded horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, dog parks and a billiards room. There are large and small rooms for dances, meetings, theatre productions, cards, a computer lab and much more.

The CA facilities are clustered on two main campuses.

The Central (North) Campus is located on North Pebble Beach Boulevard about a quarter of a mile north of State Route 674. View a map of the Central Campus. Located on N. Pebble Beach Blvd, the Central Campus contains the CA administrative offices, the Security Patrol office, the Library, the Fitness Center, the Atrium, the woodworking shop, bowling facilities, shuffleboard courts, outdoor swimming pool and several buildings housing club workshops and community maintenance facilities.

The South Campus is located on South Pebble Beach Boulevard about a mile south of State Route 674. View a map of the South Campus. The South Campus is comprised of Community Hall and the various outdoor sports facilities. Located at 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd, the South Campus contains the Community Hall (CH), which is an auditorium surrounded by meeting rooms, the Minibus office, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, pickleball courts and a softball field.

The Membership Directory contains a detailed map of the location and addresses of these facilities. Consult the Membership Directory for hours of operation. For additional information, contact the Club Presidents of clubs using the facility, or call the CA office. This page provides general descriptions of the major facilities available.

Atrium Building: The Atrium Building is located at the center of the Central Campus and is the focal point for many activities. The Atrium contains all of the indoor pools, the spa, the exercise gym (fitness center), the Florida Room (a multi-function room with minimal kitchen facilities and a dance floor) and several other rooms used for card playing and other activities. The Atrium includes a large open area containing exhibits of the work of the various arts and crafts clubs. The open area includes a walkway for indoor walking with twelve complete laps of the path equal to one mile.

Aerobic Dance Studio: Located in the Atrium Building, the Aerobic Dance Studio is a large facility used to accommodate groups of men and women who are interested in performing aerobic exercises to the beat of lively music. Various club groups meet here regularly for fun and fitness activity. The room is equipped with a music system, a piano and a sound system used by leaders who run various aerobic exercise programs.

Arts & Crafts Building: The Arts & Crafts building contains workrooms that are permanently set up to support the activities of the arts and crafts clubs of the CA. The building is located in the Central Campus south of the Atrium. The workrooms are managed by the specific clubs for which they have been set up and contain equipment to support the work of the club. Consult the CA Membership Directory for hours of operation and points of contact for the club leaders.

Billiards: The Billiards Room is located in the Old Town Hall of the Central Campus. The room includes four regulation tables, with balls, cue sticks, and racks.

CA Administrative Offices: The CA Administrative Office Building is located 1009 North Pebble Beach Boulevard. The building includes the offices of the CA Board of Directors, the CA Facilities Manager’s office, the Club Administration office, the Consumer Affairs office, and offices for support staff.

Card Games: There are two large rooms located in the Atrium that are regularly set up for card playing, particularly bridge. These rooms are also used as general purpose meeting rooms at times when bridge is not scheduled. Other rooms are available in the Atrium for playing poker, pinochle, and other card games.

Community Hall: The Community Hall (CH) is located on the South Campus. The facility includes a large auditorium with a stage for shows. The CH can be configured for stage shows, general meetings, dinner meetings, and dinner/dances. The facility must be booked a year in advance for large gatherings. Several smaller surrounding rooms are available for smaller functions. The facility includes an excellent sound system. The CH has a “Catering Kitchen”; therefore, banquet events should be catered by companies who have their own portable food warming ovens.

Conference & Meeting Rooms: There are several multi-purpose rooms available on both campuses for large and small conferences and meetings. The larger rooms, such as the Community Hall auditorium, or the Florida Room (located in the Atrium), have adjacent Catering Kitchens to support dinner meeting. These larger rooms can be configured with tables or open seating as desired.

Dog Park: An off-leash facility where member’s dogs can exercise and socialize with other dogs in a safe controlled environment; sponsor events to promote health and socialization of dogs and camaraderie among the human members.  The Dog Owners Group Club oversees the dog park on the South Campus, maintains its own web site and participates in various SCC social activities.

Fitness Center: The Fitness Center is a 6,100 sq. ft. state of the art facility located next to the Atrium building on the North Campus. Over 40 pieces of aerobic equipment including rowing machines, a variety of elliptical trainers, many styles of stationary bikes and 16 programmable treadmills are available. For strength training the Center features multiple resistance machines including universal cable style equipment. Also available are more than 2,000 lbs. of free weights including benches and racks. The Fitness Center is open 7 days a week from 6:00am-8:00pm.

Horseshoe Pits: Horseshoe pits are located on the South Campus adjacent to the tennis courts.


Lawn Bowling Greens: Three regulation-sized lawn bowling greens are located on the Central (North) Campus adjacent to the Atrium building. A storage room is located next to the greens to store equipment used by bowlers.

Library: The Library has thousands of items from printed material to digital video and audio as well. Hours of operation are from 9 AM to 4 PM and is located just north of the Community Association Office.

Personal Computer Lab: The Personal Computer Laboratory, located in the Atrium east wing, is managed by the SCC Computer Club. The facility has PCs available for use on-site. Classrooms are included at the facility for training beginner and advanced users. The facility is staffed by volunteer resident instructors and technical support personnel.

Model Railroad Room: The model railroad room is located to the west of the Wood Carvers Club room in the Sawdust Engineers building complex. The facility includes an assortment of model railroads and is managed by the Model Railroad Club.

Multi-Purpose Building: The Multi-Purpose Building is located on the Central Campus.  The building houses the Apple Club, the Photo Club and Dance Studio #2.

Old Town Hall: The Old Town Hall building is located on the Central Campus. The building houses the weaver craft room, the Rollins Theater, billiards room, News of SCC room.

Pickleball Courts: Six regulation-sized pickleball courts are located on the South Campus.

Radio Room: The Amateur radio room is located in the Maintenance building and contains the radio equipment used by the Amateur Radio Club.

Rollins Theater: The Rollins Theater is located in the Old Town Hall Building on the Central Campus. The theater is used for various smaller performing arts activities that need a more intimate setting than the much larger Community Hall facility. Rollins is fully equipped with a projection and sound system, theater lighting and comfortable seating. The facility is also used for conferences held by clubs and other member groups, such as Property Owner Associations, to discuss matters important to be aired in an open forum. Rollins is ideal for a small discussion group activity.

Softball Diamond: A softball diamond is located on the South Campus to the east of the Community Hall at the end of Weatherford Drive. Restrooms are located adjacent to the diamond.

Tennis Courts: There are ten clay-surface tennis courts maintained by the CA. All of these courts are located on the South Campus. Consult the Membership Directory for hours of operation and playing rules.

Visitors Information Center: The Sun City Center Community Association maintains and supports an Information Center for visitors to Sun City Center. It is staffed with knowledgeable volunteers who provide visitors interested in retiring to this community with a wealth of information. The Center is located at 901 Cherry Hills Drive and is open weekdays from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. The Center staff will provide literature about the community and a map to guide you as you tour the community. If you are unable to visit you can send an email to the Information Center Director, Janet Ditmore at  or call the Center at 813-633-4670 weekdays.

 Volleyball  Courts: Two regulation-sized volleyball courts are located on the South Campus adjacent to Community Hall.