Consumer Affairs Register Index

– A –

Air Conditioning
Alarm Systems (see Security Systems)
Appliance Repair
Aluminum Products
Aquatic Management

AutoBoat Transport

– B –

Back Flow Valves
Biohazard Cleanup (see Bio Waste Treatment)
Bio Waste Treatment
Bicycle Repair
Blinds (see Window Treatments)
Builders (see General Contractors)
Burglar Alarms (see Security Systems)

– C –

Carpenters (see General Contractors or Handy People)
Carpet Cleaning
Ceilings and Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans (see Ceilings
Cement (see Concrete)
Ceramic Tile

Cleaning (see House Cleaning)
Computer Service
Contractors (see General Contractors or Handy People)
Counter Tops
Curbing (see Landscape Curbing)

– D –

Decorating (see Interior Decorating)
Death Clean up (see Bio Waste Treatment)
Docks (see Seawalls)
Draperies (see Window Treatments)
Driveways and Driveway Ramps


– E –

Edging  (see Landscape Curbing)
Exterior Textured Coating
Exterior Wood
Exterminator (Pest Control)

– F –

Fans (see Ceilings)
Fire and Water Damage
Fitness Center Trainers
Flooding (see Fire and Water Damage
Flooring Sales and Installation

Furniture Upholstery & Upholstery Cleaning

– G –

Garage Doors
Gas (see Natural & Propane Gas)
General Contractors
Generators (see Electricians)
Glass and Mirrors
Golf Cart Sales and Service
Gravel, River Rock & Mulch
Grass (see Sod)



– H –

Handy People
Home Care
Home Inspections
House Cleaning
Home Inventory (see Inventory Documentation)
House Watch
Hurricane & Solar Film

Hurricane Shutters

– I –

Interior Decorating
Inventory Documentation
Iron (see Ornamental Iron)
Irrigation (see Sprinkler Systems)

– J –

No listings at this time

– K –

Kitchens and Baths

– L –

Lake Pumps
Lamppost Signs (see Handy People)
Landscape Curbing
Lawn Chemical Spraying
Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Lead Sampling & Removal

– M –

Marine Buildings (see Sea Walls)
Marble & Terrazzo
Mold Removal

Moving & Storage

Mulch (see Gravel & Mulch)

– N –

Natural & Propane Gas

– O –

Odor Remediation (see Bio Waste Treatment)
Ornamental Iron
Organizing (see House Cleaning Organizing)

– P –

Pest Control
Pet Sitting or Grooming
Plantation Shutters (see Window Treatments)
Ponds (see Aquatic Management)
Popcorn Ceilings (see Drywall)
Popcorn Edging (see Landscape Curbing)
Pressure Cleaning
Propane Gas (see Natural & Propane Gas)
Pumps (see Lake Pumps)

 – Q –

No listings at this time

– R –

Ramps, Driveway (see Driveways)
Ramps, Wheel Chair (see Exterior Wood)
River Rock (see Gravel & Mulch)
Rodent Control (see Pest Control)
Roof Cleaning
Rug Cleaning (see Carpet Cleaning)

-S –

Screen Repair & Screen Rooms
Security Systems
Shrubbery Trimming & Weeding
Shutters (see Hurricane Shutters)
Siding (see Vinyl Siding)
Soffits & Fascias
Solar Film (see Hurricane and Solar Film)
Solar Products
Sprinkler Systems

Stained Glass
Storage (see Moving & Storage)       
Swimming Pools; Spas & Service

– T –

Telephone Jacks (see Electrical Contractors or Handy People)
Terrazzo (see Marble and Terrazzo)
Termites (see Pest Control)
Textured Coating (See Exterior Textured Coating)
Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tree Trimming & Removal
Tube Lights (see Solar Products)

 – U –

Upholstery Cleaning

– V –

Vinyl Siding

– W –

Wall Coverings
Wallboard (see Drywall)
Water Conditioning
Water Damage (see Fire and Water Damage)
Water, Ponds (see Aquatic Management)
Weeds (see Shrubbery Trimming & Weeding)
Window & Door Sales & Installation
Window Treatments

Window Washing

 – X –

No listings at this time

 – Y –

No listings at this time

 – Z –

No listings at this time