Complete Policy Manual


Policy Manual for

Sun City Center Community Association Inc.


The links on this page are for the Policies of SCCCA.

A Printable copy of the Table of Contents can be viewed and downloaded by clicking Here.

Table of Contents


1.01 Purpose
1.02 Parliamentary Procedure
1.03 Notice of Meetings
1.04 Definitions

1.05 Voting


2.01 Approval Authority
A. Budget
B. Purchasing
C. Checks, Other Disbursements & Access to Safety Deposit Box
D. Contracts
E. Assets
F. Access to Records
G. Use of Facilities
H. CA Equipment
I. Sun City Center Community Association Publication:
“The News of Sun City Center”
2.02 Donations and Gifts
2.03 Political Activity – election of CA Directors
2.04 Public Relations
2.05 Board Vacancy
2.06 Sexual Predators and Sexual Offenders
2.07 Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics
2.08 Whistleblower Policy
2.09 Document Retention


3.01 Dues
3.02 Membership for Residents of Lake Towers (Sun Towers)
3.03 Late Fees/Liens

3.04 Financial Hardships
3.05 Age & Family Restrictions
A. Enforcement of Age 55 Requirement
B. Enforcement of Age Restrictions
C. Exceptions
3.06 Capital Fund Fee
3.07 Exemptions from Capital Fund Fee


4.01 Standing Committees
A. Internal Audit
B. Budget
C. Consumer Affairs
D. Government Affairs
E. Elections

4.02 Special Committees
A. Building/Construction
B. Communications
C. Entertainment
D. Search
E. Transition
F. Restrictive Covenants
G. Hospitality
H. History Society of Sun City Center
I. Bingo
J. Fitness Center
K. Web Site
L. Long Range Planning

4.03 Other Committees

5.01 A. Organization
B. Operation
C. Criteria for Membership
D. Obligations of CA-affiliated Clubs
E.  National and 501 (c) Organizations

6.01 Regulations & Requirements
A. Regulations
1. Political Activities
2. CA-affiliated Clubs & Organizations
3. Fund-Raising
4. Scheduling of Activities
5. Restrictions
6. County, State, and Federal Elections
7. Sales of Tickets at the Kiosk
8. Easels
9. Special Use of Facilities
10. King’s Point Use of Bulletin Board
11. Freedom Plaza Use of Bulletin Boards
12. Animals
13. CA Property
14. Entertainment
15. Monitoring of CA Facilities

B. Requirements
1. Affiliation of clubs & organizations
2. Hours
3. Deposits and Fees
a. CA affiliated clubs
b. CA holidays
c. Non affiliated groups
d. Individual members
e. Deposit at time of reservation
f. Fees/room availability determined by Board
4. Food preparation not allowed in rooms
5. Clean up
6. Tipping of CA employees not permitted
7. Alcoholic Beverages
8. Room Capacity Limitations
9. Caterers


C. Reservations
1. In writing
2. Set up information required
3. Scheduled time for occupying & vacating room

D. Schedule “A” Rental Fees and Security Deposits

6.02 Library
A. Definition
B Finances

6.03 Swimming Pools
A. Pool Hours – Daily
1. Outdoor Pool
2. Indoor Pool
3. Exercise Pool & Spa
4. Pool Use Restrictions
B. Health Regulations
C. Safety Regulations
D. Scheduling
E. On-Duty Attendant

6.04 Fitness Center
A. Fitness Center Hours
B. General Rules and Regulations
C. Health Regulations
D. Safety Regulations
E. Scheduling
F. On-Duty Attendant
G. Personal Trainers
H. Physical Therapist

6.05 Guests/Visitors
A. Definitions
B. Guest Cards
C. Renter Cards
D. Guests Private Parties
E. Guest Club Fees
F.  Bingo
G.  Monday Movies
H.  Kings Point Club Usage Fee
I.  Dance Card


7.01 Contracting
7.02 Board Standings
7.03 Bidding Documents
7.04 Payments for Contracted Services
7.05 Project Planning
7.06 Funding for New Construction
7.07 Funding for Design Services and Maintenance Projects
7.08 Contracts
7.09 Completion


8.01 Equal Opportunity Employment
8.02 Employment Practices
A. Hiring Procedures
B. Falsification of Application
C. Drug Testing, Physical Examination & Background Check
D. Immigration Act Requirements
E. Social Security Number (SSN) Privacy and protection of Personnel Information

8.03 Employee Classifications
A. Work Week
B. Classifications
C. Pay Day and Pay Deductions
D. Time Card System
E. Overtime
F. Attendance Requirements
G. Personnel Records

8.04 Employee Conduct
A. Smoking
B. Courtesy and Safety
C. Prohibited Harassment
D. Gratuities
E. Personal Telephone Calls
F. Conflict of Interests
G. Dress Code
H. Political Activity
I. Children on CA Property
J. Association and Personal Vehicles

8.05 Employee Evaluation
A. Evaluation
B. Pay For Performance
C. Anniversary Date

8.06 Employee Benefits
A. Insurance
1. Life
2. Health
3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
4. Supplemental Insurance
B Vacation
C. Holidays
D. Personal Leave
E. Funeral Leave
F. Jury Duty
G. Individual Retirement Account
H. Fitness Center
I.  Club Participation
J.  Leave of Absence

8.07 Separation of Employment

8.08 Grievance Procedure

8.09 Whistleblower Policy

8.10 Return to Work Program


9.01 Equal Opportunity Requirement
9.02 Political and Religious Activities
9.03 Insurance
9.04 Amenities
9.05 Members who are also vendors, contractors or licensees
9.06 Copy of policy given to all vendors, contractors or licensees