Community Services

A remarkable array of services helps make Sun City Center a safer, healthier and more enjoyable place to live. Most are provided by trained volunteers and are free of charge. 

  • The Emergency Squad provides ambulance service to residents in time of need. 
  • The Security Patrol keeps watch over our neighborhoods.
  • Samaritan Services  offer transportation and support services.

Those are but a few of the  services you’ll enjoy here.  Our Newcomers Hospitality Program volunteers will be happy to tell you more.

There are tremendous volunteer opportunities. A lot of services, like the library, are offered through the Community Association.

Many additional services, like CERT and Lifeline are offered through clubs.

Residents also support services in the local community such as SCC Ride.

These services are provided free of charge through the generosity of contributions and volunteers.

*This Community Service entity has no affiliation to or with the Sun City Center Community Association and is its own Not for Profit Corporation.