As a Sun City Center resident, you’re a voting member of the Community Association that owns and operates our many buildings and recreational facilities.  Community Association directors are unpaid volunteers, elected by the members who can and do voice their ideas and opinions at regular monthly board meetings.  Members have access to all the facilities and amenities, for a remarkably low cost. You’ll find that our yearly dues are about the same as the monthly dues in some other Florida age-restricted communities.

Two categories of committees are appointed to support the Board. The first category includes five Standing Committees of the Association. Chairpersons of these committees are appointed by the Board and report to the Board. They must be members of the Association and serve voluntarily without compensation. They may serve successive terms without limit at the discretion of the Board. Appointments must be reaffirmed at the beginning of each calendar year.

The second category includes several other committees established by the Board to support special tasks. The Board has the authority to establish other committees from time to time to assist it in carrying out other functions of the Association.

The following provides a general description of responsibilities of the Standing Committees. Other committees appointed by the Board are also listed with a brief summary of their purposes. To obtain additional details regarding any committee, including chairperson, purpose, membership, responsibilities, or scheduled meetings, contact the CA office.

Standing Committees

Budget: The Budget Committee is responsible for compiling and preparing the annual budget of the Association.

Elections: The Elections Committee supervises, implements, monitors, and certifies results of official elections of the CA. This includes elections to the Board of Directors, votes taken on various referendum, and tallying results of votes at membership meetings when paper ballots are used.



Internal Audit: The Internal Audit Committee has the authority to investigate any and all matters that touch on the governance of the Community Association. The Committee also reviews all Community Association policies, procedures, and such other matters as the Board may direct.

Government Affairs: The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for providing information that will assist the Board in the decision making process. Objectives are to keep alert to changes of rules and regulations that will impact on the citizens of Sun City Center and promote the Association’s needs to county government.

Other Committees