DAV Chapter 110

A remarkable array of Veterans Clubs are offered here in Sun City Center. These organizations are established to strengthen friendships between veterans of the armed forces and students, to promote the intellectual development of its members, to advance and promote recognition of nationally recognized veterans’ holidays, and to review and explore educational opportunities and benefits that exist for current and potential veterans of the armed forces.

Purpose: The purpose of this chapter is to support the program of the Disabled American Veterans as defined in the National Constitution and By-Laws.

Membership: Membership in this chapter shall conform with the requirements as set forth in the National Constitution and By-Laws of the Disabled American Veterans.

Meetings:  The location of meetings and events will be established by the officers of the club in conjunction with the Community Association who designate available space. 

Contact:  (813) 331-3871  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am – 2pm.  Appointments preferred.