Sun City Center (SCC) Cooking Demonstration Club

The Sun City Center (SCC) Cooking Demonstration Club meets to share ideas, recipes and most of all, have fun!

Purpose: This Club meets monthly to gather and demonstrate recipes, have taste testings and exchange ideas.  Topics can range from smoked meats and barbeque to soup and stew competitions, to pie contests; there is something for everyone!  So many of us have family recipes; let’s all share!  We also invite local chefs to provide lessons and tastings to hone our skills and are planning field trips to local restaurants for the club.  (Mazarro’s or Sur La Table, anyone?)

Membership: Open to all SCC members and Kings Point and Freedom Plaza gold card members.  Dues are $25 annually.  Meetings are held from 3pm-6:30pm on the third Saturday of each month in room #5 at the South Pebble Beach Blvd. Community Hall.

Contact: Susan Porr at  Phone = 941-266-1747   Via Facebook =  Kitchenmasters Of SCC