Metaphysical Society

Our vision is to inspire all on their path of self-exploration and self-discovery.

Purpose: Offer Presentations and Events intended to inspire the spirit, mind and heart.  Our speakers and presenters invite us to explore that which is beyond the five senses, such as, astrology, palmistry, alternative health, essential oils, meditation, sound healing techniques, numerology, past-life regression, etc.  We, as metaphysicians, believe that everyone and everything is an expression of Universal Oneness and we respect all personal truths.  Please join us to explore the possibilities at our thought provoking and enlightening Presentations and Events.

Membership: We welcome and invite all Sun City Center, Kings Point and Freedom Plaza residents.  Annual Dues $10.00.

Meetings: Wednesdays – 10 a.m. – Central Campus – in the Heritage Room of the Atrium Building.

Contact:  Ken Wrasse, President  (650) 245-6979 or email