SCC Geeks

Join in this unique activity of research and education of the technical and electronic nature with those that enjoy the same challenge.

Purpose: The SCC Geeks purpose is to provide an educational environment in which its members may study the principles of electronic engineering theory and practice through formal instruction and self paced structured exercises in a classroom setting.

Restricted to those residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point. Membership is further restricted by the number of seats available for the SCC Geeks use in their assigned meeting space. This number will be adjusted from time to time as the capacity of the meeting space changes.

  • Seated Member – is a voting member who continually contributes to the synergism of the SCC Geeks by regularly participating in the SCC Geeks on going educational program, and, who further agrees to relinquish their “assigned seat” in the event of their limited participation therein.
  • Non Seated Member – is a non-voting member who, while listed chronology on FIFO waiting list maintained by the Secretary, wishes to become a “Seated Member” when a class room seat becomes available. 

Instructional Meetings are open to those then Seated Members will be conducted on a regular advertised schedule, at a time and place assigned to it by the CA for that purpose. Annual Meetings will be advertised and open to all Seated and Non Seated Members will be held yearly, on a day to be determined during the month of July, at a time and place assigned to it by the CA for that purpose.