Coalition for Mental Health & Aging

Here to help those in our community by working with other organizations that work together towards improving the availability of mental health treatment to older persons.

Our organization consists of retired and working mental health professionals who have come together to provide assistance and support. This includes referrals to mental health professionals and agencies in our area; assisting in developing mental health services needed in our community; improving communications and coordination among local mental health organizations; sponsoring the development of support groups dealing with a variety of mental health issues; and providing a program of mental health education for residents to raise the level of awareness about mental health of our aging population.

Monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 9:00 AM. For information on the location of meetings or to inquire about any mental health issue, call (813)419-4902 or the President of the Coalition, Debbie Caneen at (813)892-2990. Any retired mental health professional is invited to join us.

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*This Community Service entity has no affiliation to or with the Sun City Center Community Association and is its own Not for Profit Corporation.