Amateur Radio Club

The Sun City Center Amateur Radio Club (SCCARC), recognized by the Florida Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee, is an integral part of the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations. When emergency radio communications are needed, the SCCARC is called on to provide radios and operators. Such emergency could occur where electrical power is out, taking out cell phones and wireless phones. If emergency services from other than Hillsborough County are called on, it is possible their radios will not be compatible with our County radios. Our radios and operators will direct those out of county resources. Permanent antennas are installed in South Bay Hospital, the Emergency Squad and the Security Patrol buildings to communicate with our repeater and directly with other hospitals and Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center.


Purpose: The Sun City Center Amateur Radio Club promotes the hobby of amateur radio communications. We provide license training and present topics of interest to fellow amateurs. The SCC Amateur Radio club provides emergency communications to the Sun City Center community in times of crisis and we offer support to other organizations in Sun City Center that require communications for their projects. The club is manned from 9 to 11 Monday through Friday.

Membership: Any member of the Community Association. Residents of Kings Point are invited to participate in our meetings and activities.  The club radio room is located in the Maintenance building in the central campus. Transmission on HF, VHF and UHF Amateur Radio frequency bands is accomplished by means of state-of-the-art professional equipment, and an efficient antenna array. The equipment is available for emergency use at all times.

Meetings: Regular club meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month starting at 2:00 PM in the Florida Room in the Atrium Building.

Contact: Visit our website  or email us KE4ZIP@GMAIL.COM for more information.