Come enjoy the physical exercise and camaraderie of this highly popular sport.

Purpose: Pickleball is a court sport described as a combination of tennis, badminton and pingpong. It is played with paddles and whiffle balls with 4 players per court. There are five outdoor courts to the right of the South Campus Community Hall.

Membership: Open to all CA members. PBC dues are $27 per year.  Anyone joining after November 1st will pay $27 which will cover membership through December 31 of the next year. Players of all skill levels are welcome to participate. Instruction is available for trying out pickleball.

Meetings: Games are played every day. Players are rotated in and out to give everyone equal playing time. For members of the Pickleball Club, court hours are Mon-Sat, 7am-11am & 6pm-10pm.  SCCCA members, who are not members of the Pickleball Club,  hours are Mon-Sat from 11am-6pm and Sun 7am-10pm. Tournaments  and social events are held throughout the year.  

Contact:  For more information go to Club Website: www.sccflpickleball.com