Front Porch Pickers

Share the passion and learn from other that share the same skills.


Purpose: The Front Porch Pickers is a community band.  Members should play an acoustic stringed instrument and be comfortable in a “jam” setting.  There are also opportunities for members who are not musicians but would like to be part of the sound engineering team.  For a donation, we will play at your club or organization’s event on the Sun City Center Community Association properties.  We do not offer music lessons. 

Contact: Email us as  Follow us on Facebook at:

Membership: Open to all CA members and Kings Point Members with a KP Club Usage Card.  There are no dues. The club is supported by audience and play date donations.

Meetings: We perform in front of a live audience every Wednesday from 2-4pm in the Rollins Theatre.  The public – with appropriate membership card or guest pass – is welcome to our performances.  There is no admission fee.