Clogging is an expressive style of American dance with origins in the folk dances of the British Isles, Africa and pre-Columbian America.  Settlers in the American South took elements of these styles to form a unique dance style, Appalachian clog dancing.


Purpose: Our club was formed to use the Clogging dance form primarily for exercise and it develops memory skills as well, as we learn various dance routines for class.  Keeping fit and having fun are our goals for each class.  We do occasionally perform for charity events and participation in performances is always optional.

Membership: We welcome both men and women that are members of The Sun City Center Community Association that are in good standing and members of Kings Point with a gold card.  Dues are $5 per year.  Clogging shoes are necessary and sometimes extra shoes can be loaned to get new members started. 

Meetings: The Cloggersizers meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-1pm in the Dance Studio inside the Atrium building.  Beginner lessons are typically held on Tuesdays from 12pm-1pm though we can be flexible with the time or day.  We welcome all who are interested to come and watch and dance!