Scrabble Club

The SCC Scrabble Club is for anyone who enjoys casual word play with a welcoming and friendly group of people.

We meet at 1:30pm on Wednesdays in the Heritage Room. There are no dues.  The room is reserved until 4pm, so players have the option of playing one, two or three games.  Bring your SCC or Kings Point Members with a KP Club Usage Card.  If you have your own board and/or Scrabble Players Dictionary, bring those as well.  The club provides two and three letter quick reference sheets, score sheets and has a few extra dictionaries and boards. 

For more information, text or call Diane Loeffler at (662)812-1123 or call Midge Mader at (813)260-3399.

*The Heritage Room is located along the inside of the Atrium Building facing the side parking lot.