This activity improves hand to eye coordination and is a low impact activity that can be played rain or shine.


Purpose: To play, promote and enjoy billiards in a relaxed family friendly atmosphere.

Membership: The club is open to all CA Members.  CA members interested in joining the Club must present their current CA identification badge, complete a short application and submit the Club’s annual fee.  The annual fee, established by the Club’s Board, provides for the quality maintenance of our tables and equipment.  Membership applications are accepted by Club officers or designated members at the Club’s main entrance door most weekdays between the hours of 12-3pm.  Our members are responsible for their guests, maintaining Club equipment and following Club and CA rules.  Members are provided a door lock code and enjoy access to the Club 7 days a week.

Meetings: 980 Cherry Hills Drive.  This is a separate building in the Central Campus Area adjacent to the Rollins Theatre.