Using basic woodcarving tools and practices to create lasting pieces of art.


Purpose: Our goal is to advance member’s skill in all areas of woodcarving. We believe that you can learn to carve in a short period of time and your life will be greatly enriched from making beautiful works to share with friends and family.

Membership: Open to all CA Members. We presently have about 80 members ranging from beginners to experienced carvers. We meet every Thursday at 9 AM in our state-of-art full time workshop, which is open to members every day. The shop is adjacent to the Saw Dust Engineers Shop near the SCC Atrium. Dues are $15 a year.  Basic set of carving tools, including wood burners, may be used in the shop by new members. Catalogs are on file to purchase your own.  Many kinds and sizes of carving woods as well as “rough outs” of animals and things are also available from Club inventory for members to purchase.

Meetings: Full range of woodcarving including Beginner, Bird, Chip Carving, Carving-in-the-Round, Recess Carving (3-D), Wood Burning (a form of carving wood with a thermostatically controlled “hot knife”.)

Contact: 813-642-2037 or visit our website at https://sites.google.com/site/sccwoodcarvers