Sew ‘n Sews

Sew ‘n Sews members, not only create for themselves, but also for A Kids’ Place, Hospice, Veterans, Cancer Patients, African Children and the disabled within our community.  They also provide items for sale with the receipts being used as donations to many of our local clubs and organizations. 


Purpose: Provides a place and equipment for both experienced and novice stitchers or quilters to learn new techniques, to share in the joy of creating something beautiful, and to enjoy great fellowship.

Membership: Open to any CA Member.  Dues $10 a year.  The club has sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machine plus work tables.
Meetings: Bi-annual club meetings are held in winter and spring at luncheons for entire membership.  Classes for beginning sewing and quilting held on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Contact:  813-505-9503