Physical, mental and spiritual exercise to enhance your health and well being.


Purpose: The SCC Yoga Club offers Yoga for Us. Instruction is in Hatha Yoga using Iyengar techniques and Vinyasa Flow. We offer challenges to optimize your experience and modifications to avoid pain.

Membership:  Current members in good standing with the CA, KP and FP.  Membership is $10.00/yr for SCCCA resident and $15.00/yr for KP and FP residents.  Classes are $3.00 each or $10/mo for members.  Members may attend as many classes offered for that one monthly fee including the new Discussion Group and Yoga Nidra sessions held 3rd Thursday of the month seasonally (Oct-April).

Meetings: For class & time information click on the link that follows: .  Have your physicians approval and sign a release of liability form before you attend class.  The Yoga Club offers classes (led by certified instructors) to suit all levels. Experienced Class; A combination of stretch, strength, balance and vinyasa flow for experienced yoga.  Slow Flow; Designed to provide stretch, strength and balance.  Beginners and Chair Yoga; Designed for “new to yoga” students and those who prefer to use a chair.  Relax & Restore with 1/2 hour Guided Meditation. The 90 minute class takes place all on the mat in a seated or stretched position ending with meditation.  All Classes:  Bring a yoga (sticky) mat, wear loose workout garments and do not eat for 2 hours before class.  Yoga classes meet in Studio 2, 1203 N. Pebble Beach Blvd.  Please note announcements on the bulletin board in the main CA building.

Contact: Membership Chair Sandra Kerezsi, 813-634-7075 with questions.  For more information check out our website at