Qi Gong Club

Come enjoy this calming relaxing activity among others that share your same interest.

The Qi Gong Club offers several styles of Qi Gong practice. Currently we are offering Zhineng Qi Gong, named the most health enhancing Qi Gong in China by the Chinese Sports Bureau in 1997.

Qi Gong benefits include:
*  Enhanced mental acuity, focus and concentration.
*  Improved balance
*  Boosts the immune and autonomic nervous systems
*  Prevents Osteoporosis and improves physical flexibility
*  Reduces blood pressure
*  Recent studies have shown an improvement in quality of life for cancer patients
*  Feeling more peaceful, relaxed and less stressed
*  Qi Gong is a non-denominational practice and open to people of varied backgrounds and belief systems.

Membership: Qi Gong is available for all ages and abilities.  While the “official” way to do Qi Gong is standing, it can be adapted for those who need to sit.  Anyone at any level of expertise is welcome as movements and visualizations are described during practice.  If necessary, please consult your physician when starting any new exercise system.

Meetings: The classes are every Tuesday at 4pm in Dance Studio 2.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and be ready to heal your mind, body & spirit.