SCC Nia (Non Impact Aerobics) Club

Created in 1983, this stimulating 60 minute movement practice will engage your body and mind in healthy ways without jumping or jarring joints.  Nia takes you through a combination of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts done to inspiring music.  All fitness levels are encouraged to participate.  “Through Movement We Find Health”


Purpose: The SCC Nia Club mission is to offer classes and provide our community the opportunity to experience integrating mind, body, spirit and emotion for overall wellness through movement.

Membership: Can be any current members in good standing with the CA, KP & FP.  Membership is $10.00 annually and either $15.00 per month or $3.00 per class.

Meetings: Nia Classes are held Monday and Friday @ 1:30pm in Dance Room 2/ 1203 N. Pebble Beach Blvd.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat.  Beginners are always Welcome!!!  Try the first class free.

Contact: Debbie Carlson/President @ (847)848-7338 or email