Low-impact Aerobics

Sun City Center Low Impact Aerobics Club presents the opportunity through a variety of video tapes and DVD to participate in a cardiovascular workout at your on speed, build endurance, provide overall exercise for strength and flexibility, cause minimal impact on joints and bring fun and friendship.

Purpose: To provide a workout suitable for active seniors which incorporates low-impact aerobics (for cardio), strength and balance training.

Membership:  Open to all Community Association Members.  Kings Point Members with a KP Club Usage Card are allowed if space is available. Annual dues are $12.00 (prorated $1 monthly after July 1).  Two visits as a guest are free.

Meetings: Aerobic Classes are:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:20 – 9:20 AM in the Dance Studio.  Workouts are led by professional instructors via DVDs.  Weights are used in most workouts which are supplied by the club.  Mats are used in some programs, but members must have their own mats.

Contact:  Donna McClister, President (813) 633-0358.