Academy of Ballroom Dance


What a great activity for couples and singles alike to enjoy a wonderful form of exercise, good for the mind, body and spirit. Dancing can be enjoyed for the rest of your life. Come dance the old familiar dances and then learn some new ones…the Fox Trot, the Waltz, Swing, the Rumba…or the Hustle…just to name a few. Why not…you’re only young once!


Purpose: To encourage and foster the knowledge, proficiency and enjoyment of ballroom dancing by providing a monthly dance and lessons taught by professional instructors.

Membership: Membership is open to CA members, and residents of King’s Point. Annual dues are $50 per couple or $25 per person. This includes admission to the monthly dances and the February Dinner Dance. Guests are welcome, with a fee of $6 per dance.

Meetings: Dances are held at Community Hall from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM the first Saturday of each month. Couples and singles are welcome. Gentlemen are requested to wear jackets (ties optional) October thru April. Casual dress (no shorts please) is acceptable during the summer months.  Mini lessons are taught preceding the monthly dances, at 6:15 PM and are currently offered free. The Academy also sponsors lessons in the Atrium Dance Studio Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoons, with a fee of $5 per person. Classes advance from beginning level to intermediate and advanced levels. Lessons include fox trot, swing, waltz, rumba, slow dance, polka, cha cha, tango and more.