Whatever interests you want to pursue, there probably is a group of like-minded neighbors who will be happy to have you join them. Whether it’s as energetic as tennis, artistic as china painting or mentally challenging as competitive bridge, you’ll find a club that will welcome you.

We have 22 music and dance clubs ranging from polka to ballroom dance and from big-band to country music. There are clubs for cats, dogs, writers, investors, gardeners, and fun-lovers of every stripe. Click on any of the categories below to learn more.


Dancing opportunities are available through several clubs that focus on different forms of dancing, including swim dancing. All CA Members are eligible to join any dance club subject to certain limitations imposed by the club.

Music interests can also be enjoyed. Several clubs are available to members who are interested in music and want to play an instrument, sing in an organized group, or just pursue an interest in gathering for discussion and listening.

Below is a list of the Dance & Music Clubs we offer. Click one of the links to see more details about that club.